Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our Pioneer Experience & giveaway!!

A few months ago a friend told me to check out The Pioneer Woman blog...that's when I first met Ree Drummond. She's just a normal gal that turned an ordinary blog into a mega empire. Three years ago this spunky city girl turned home schoolin' ranch wife started a simple blog. She talked about her family and life on the ranch in rural Oklahoma. She was super funny, real and sweet. She gave wonderful recipe tutorials, shared witty stories about her family and friends, and took the most gorgeous pics of her ranch. Now her site gets approximately 15 million hits a month! Can you imagine??! Well when I heard she was coming to the Mall of America for her cookbook tour I knew I just had to meet her in person.

(Look at my face...I'm like umm.. am I really going to stand in line this long??)

Little did I know that every one else and their kids had to meet her too! It was just insane the number of people that showed up. I went expecting to stand in line maybe an hour or two. I'm actually a little embarrassed to admit this, but we stood in line for 5 1/2 hours:o!!!!! Can you believe that?? At first you are thinking...oh this line will get movin'... I can do this. Then after a couple hours of waiting, there is no way you can just walk've become invested in actually making it to the finish line:) It's like a marathon you have to finish:)

The perks of waiting so long... I actually got to meet her super sweet husband Ladd...aka Marlboro Man. He was really nice and had the most pale blue eyes ever. Loved his twangy accent. He really lived up to the picture in my head of a ranchin' man.

These gals made it bearable. Sally is on the left and Paula is on the right. They were big Pioneer Woman fans. Sally had read her blog from the very beginning. How cool would that be! They were fascinated that I had a blog too and asked me all sorts of that was fun. I showed them pictures of the art I've been working on and they got all excited and started thinking of marketing ideas for me. They were just wonderful!

These sweet faces are my "peeps". Little Chick looks a little pathetic...that's because we told her to look tired...ha! She pulled it off a little too easily:) They were amazing. They faithfully stood with me and didn't complain or whine. I'm just beyond grateful for a family that supports me and doesn't make me feel bad when there is something I want to do that is different or a little crazy. I just love them sooooo much. I know I was asking a lot from them to stand in line and wait that long, but they delivered 100% and in the process made me feel so loved!!

Isn't she cute?? She was really nice of course. I only had about 30 seconds to say something, and of course she had been signing autographs for hours and smiling, so I didn't expect to become soul sisters or anything.

This is one of her son's. Can you imagine how far removed this is from the ranch? The two boys were coloring at the table where their dad was signing autographs. They had sort of been drawing on each other too from the looks of things;) This picture was lying on the table. His mom... the famous "MRS. PIONEER WOMAN". How surreal!

Okay so that leads me finally to the giveaway...can you guess what it is?? Yep... an autographed copy (by Ree and her Marlboro Man) of her wonderful new cookbook, which by the way is gorgeous and chocked full of beautiful pictures, stories and good ole' comfort food!! This one was hard-earned, so to win you need to leave a comment telling me why you want to win and sign up to be a follower . I will pick the 5 most convincing comments and then draw from a hat the final WINNER!! The contest ends Wednesday, Nov. 25th. Good luck ladies!

Have a blessed day.

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  1. Wow you are a BLOGGER! Sounds like a fun experience.

  2. oh my goodness... 5.5 hours! :) I will have to go check out her blog. Your family is adorable!

  3. I'm so jealous... I just adore P-Dub as she refers to herself sometimes. I've been following her for about a year and love all that she does. I would stand in line for 5 1/2 hours with you just to get an autograph. As far as I know she is only making it to NY, not Boston so I will not have the chance :( I would love to be considered for the drawing, but understand there are others who are more deserving. Glad you had fun and I'm already a follower:

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  4. I LOve her blog. Isn't it wonderful how blogs can change your life? She has a good one, and so do you. Enter me please. I adore her. And if not......I will run out and buy a copy. I am not luck at winning, so my guess is I will be doing the latter...

    Warm wishes,
    Karen Eileen

  5. So fun! Good for you for sticking it out and props to your family as well! ;) My friend lives in the MN area and also headed up to the mall only to be astounded by the number of people that arrived. She didn't make it to see Ree herself, but was happy to have met her husband. I'm already a follower, but seeing as this is only the 2nd time I've ever heard of the Pioneer Woman I'll leave it to some true fans for the contest. I'll be sure to check her blog out though. ;)

  6. Hmmm....why I want to win? I LOVE blogs and have now turned it into a big part of my life. It's inspirational in my life to read about REAL people and realistic ideas that I can incorporate into my family including cookbooks from fellow bloggers and artistic ideas.

    I just recently discovered your blog and will definitely sign up as a follower!!

  7. I can't believe you got to meet Ree! And Marlboro Man, too {sigh}! Anyone who's followed the Pioneer Woman's blog {so amazing} and read their love story {BlackHeels-TractorWheels} would agree that your 5 1/2 hour wait was well worth it:)

  8. I am soooo jealous!!! I have been following her blog for a year now{I was lucky that hers was one of the first blogs I found!}, she is so amazing! I have been trying out her recipes lately and was going to ask for her cookbook for Christmas.
    I would have been the crazy lady camping outside the mall overnight to be first in line! I wish she was coming close to my area so I could go.
    I would love to win because I would use the heck out of that cookbook!!!
    And I'm already a loyal follower.:)

  9. Hey Becky geuss what... I got my necklace go and read my email and post! I can't believe you met her! And stayed in line for 5 1/2 hours. Thats commitment!LOL I am so excited for you that you got to meet her! I just won a giveaway so you don't have to enter me. Thanks!

    Love, {Madison}

  10. Incredible! High Five! Way to 'stick to it'!
    You are a very lucky woman, my friend- a very lucky woman!
    I must confess that I'm jealous of the 'team spirit' you get to be a part of. Me? It would've been, 'yeah- check ya later!'
    So why do i need this book? Why, to be more like YOU of course!
    And since you haven't come out with yourown book yet, I guess I'll have to pick apart "Mrs. Pioneer Woman's" book to learn the lessons of a Mega Blogger!

    And, of course, you know I'm a loyal follower- so wish me luck!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Wow 5 1/2 hours! I cannot believe that you waited that long- that really is commitment! I would LOVE to win this cookbook. I have just started exploring this blogging world and am LOVING discovering all of these women and the world of blogging. Also, I LOVE cookbooks- I am starting a collection because I just think they are something to showcase! I am already a follower! Thanks!`

  13. That looked like a tiresome bunch of fun! I should have went while she was in OKC, but I didn't want to fight the crowds. However, I don't think the lines were 5.5 hours long, gooooood golly. I already have her cookbook, so I won't enter, but good luck to the rest of the gang.

  14. Are you kidding me???? I had plans to go yesterday but my hubby had to fly out for work so I had to take him to the airport. My two sister in laws went with high hopes. They even bought a cookbook for me to have signed. They got there early, stood in line for hours, the GAVE UP! Oh my gosh, I couldn't believe they left, after all that? I was in such anticipation to get my autographed book tonight when they got home. book and no autograph. Oh my oh my, please pick me!!

    I'm already a follower..........

  15. Oh my gosh! You are SO brave to wait in that line for 5 1/2 hours!!! How cool is it that you got to meet THE Pioneer Woman! I heard about her blog a few months ago from Melody. She's got a TON of great info on her site and she is always hilarious!(I'm ALWAYS up for something hilarious!)
    ...already a follower, and I'd like to win so I can show my husband that I really DO know how to cook.....I just need some new recipes. :)

  16. Why I want to win it? BECAUSE.. of your sacrifice of waiting in that line SO long! You are amazing..I wouldn't do that for anyone (unless it was the Savior)...She is amazing, I have read her blog for a while now but never leave a comment because..there are SO many it seems useless! Anyway thats what I think! :D

  17. Hi, I recently starting following your blog, I saw it on Mad Crafts my second cousin's blog and I am really enjoying it. I'm fairly new to blogging myself. I did start one in June of '08 when I was working out of town a lot, it helped me to feel connected with my friends and family while on the road. I am going through a life change right now in the way of pretty much every aspect - my career, my children are youngest is a senior in HS, my oldest is on his first deployment with the USMC & I was a midlevel executive with a company for several years, laid off and now admittedly floudering trying to find my way into a creative purposeful career/job. A friend suggested The Pioneer Woman's blog to me and I just fell head over heels for her sense of humor, the photographs are amazing & the life changes she went through when she moved from the city are inspiring. I am inspired with her focus and that she turned what she loved to do into a career. I also love her receipes. Before I got laid off, I did not cook a lot. With more time on my hands I have been able to try the receipes and it has been so much fun! My family loves it.
    You and your family are amazing for standing in line for so long. Thank you for the chance to win the autographed cookbook, you are very generous. Kim

  18. I adore PW and you! I have already been following your blog for a while now, and have great fun reading your posts. I've also been entering every PW cookbook giveaway I can find. I was so bummed she wasn't in the Indy area because I desperately wanted to meet her and get her to sign a cookbook for moi! A final plea/reason to win the cookbook...I seriously (win or not) enjoy your blog so much that I mentioned you in one of my posts last month (

    Thanks for the giveaway. You are going to make one of our days VERY special!

    :) Rachel from A Cupcake for Moose

  19. you are SOOO lucky! i have loved her blog since before i started my own blog. I love how real she is...truly authentic.
    Do i really need to tell you why i should win?
    how about my hubby is flying to Hong Kong in January for his brothers wedding...and he'll be gone for 8 whole days without me...staying at the nicest hotel. Pick me...or i might have to leave my kids outside of trader joe's again to stock up my wine fridge.

  20. Already a follower of yours and I read Pioneer Woman's too! She is amazing and you are even more amazing and so is your sweet family for waiting so long. How did you all manage to look so good after waiting that long? Hope the kiddos got to go on some rides after that long wait.

    Hope you have a great week!

  21. Oh my heart...over 5 hours to go through the line. Now that is a testiment to Ree...and she had the whole family with her.
    Congrats on getting to meet her and her family. So much fun when you put a face to a name and blog.
    Glad you enjoyed it.
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  22. Hmmmmmm. Well, I already am a follower on your blog so I can check that off. I would like to win because I will have no chance to see P-Dub myself. Despite my begging and pleading she doesn't seem to want to come anywhere near Cleveland as winter approaches.

    I can understand why.

  23. I've been reading her for about a year now. She had me hooked with the "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" series. :)

    SO fun that you got to meet her! And Marlboro Man!

  24. 5 1/2 hours??! You are a fan. :) I've checked out her site before, and I love it...just couldn't figure out how to subscribe correctly. :s

    I'd love to win this b/c I couldn't find it in our Wal-Mart, where people keep saying they're buying it. I NEED to learn how to make her cinnamon roles b/c everyone and their uncle seem to be talking about them. :)

    I am a follower too. :)

  25. I just love,love,love her too. How neat that you got to meet her. How unbelievable how famous she is. She is such an inspiration to all us blogging mama's. I would love a chance to win her cookbook. That would be the best ever:)

  26. You stood in line for five hours to get her to autograph the book.

    And, now, you're giving it away.

    You make me laugh, sweet girl.

    Hey, I don't care anything about Pioneer Woman's cookbook.

    But I'm in love with your paperdoll-like girl.

    Now, where did you say you'll be selling your work?

    Oh, I almost forgot. I have a little something for you on my blog.

    Sweet dreams.

  27. I have to be completely honest here and tell you that I haven't heard of her before. I will be checking out her blog now for sure tho. Bless your heart to stand there for 5 hrs.
    I don't know if I am worthy to win since there are apparently so many other people who know of her and would love to win. Don't get me wrong, I loooooove me a good cookbook, but I would feel a little guilty.:)

  28. Hello there sweetie! Remember me??? LOL

    Well, I am already a follower of your blog *love it* and would love to win the cookbook.

    My hubby was recently laid off and I think some good comfort food is what we could all use over here at the Fam Five casa. Anything that could bring a few extra smiles to our faces during this crappy time!

  29. Hi Becky!

    Well, I am a Canadian and as far as I know, Ree is NOT coming up here to sign any of her books. So you are a lucky person to get to meet her and get your book(s) signed. I've been a faithful follower of hers for a long time and enjoy her site immensely. I'm not sure I deserve to win her cookbook but my hips would sure love it!! :-D

    Thank you for the giveaway and I'm already a follower of your site.

  30. What a great enjoyed reading it..Have so missed my blog reading but have been a little busy...This week there are 2 GREAT GIVEAWAYS on my Holiday Blog. They only require a comment...AND there are some good looking boys on my main blog.....
    Blessings to you and your this Thanksgiving season. I am so ready to get bad to reading my favorite blogs.

  31. Wow Becky,
    Congrats on meeting PW! I have followed her blog since just before we moved to Canada and it is so fun. When I was first here and really lonely it was a great pick me up. But don't enter me, even though I'd adore a signed copy...I actually had already wona PW Cookbook a couple weeks back! Looks like this will be a fun giveaway. Hugs, Jennifer

  32. Isn't she grand? Her food looks so stinkin good. I have tons of recipes tagged in my favorites file, I just need to get on it. They look oh so good, like "make my butt bigger" oh so good! Bring it on....:) Nancy

  33. OhMyGosh!!!!!! How exciting!!!!! You and your family look great in those pics!!! And the pic of you with Marlboro Man....swwooooon!!! How did you not drool?!? lolol I so wish she were coming to the Boston area on her book tour. I would love to meet her. I have to get out and get her book. I love that her recipes are so reall and accessible. I just love her blog!!!

  34. Ok, Farmgirl...I'm going to be completely honest here...

    I want the book so I don't have to stand in line for 5 and 1/2 hours.

    I love her...and have been following her since the beginning. And two words...Crash Potatoes!

  35. Ha!! I love this post, you know. 5&1/2 hours?!!!!! Some day you'll just have to come on down to good ol' Oklahoma and we'll go visit her. Um, yeah, I need to score an invite to the Lodge, somehow...

    Anyway, so glad you got to meet her and MM. Fun!

  36. Ok, the obvious reason I want this cookbook is because I love to cook! From the time I found Ree's blog I have copied her recipes and everytime I try one it's a family favorite. These are recipes not only for great food but for getting families around the table again. Talking and eating, enjoying each other and building memories. When the kids are grown and have homes of their own, that recipe for Apple Dumplings made from Mountain Dew will survive. Only it will be Nana's Apple Dumplings. Thank you Ree! Please, please pick me!
    joycee at grannymountain

  37. Oh, Wow! What a great experience. I love that your family went with you and didn't complain. I don't really know much about the Pioneer Woman's blog...gasp...I know, right?! I need to check it out. :)
    Maybe I need that cookbook....
    I should ask for one for Christmas.

  38. What a neat experience, ok, maybe not waiting in line for 5.5 hours, but to meet her and to realize she is just one of us!! My mom loves to cook...loves it and she would love this book, I sent her to PW's website a while ago and she takes some recipes from there and I learned all my photography from PW herself!!
    We would love this book! thanks, for the chance to win.

  39. Well I'm not very good at convincing someone that I should win something...but I will say that I am awe struck that you waited in line for 5 1/2 hours...I don't think I could do it! you've got stamina and drive my friend!! I had no idea her blog was that popular, sheesh!

    Blessings to you Becky!

  40. Great minds think alike my dear! But don't enter me 'cuz I have a signed copy.

    Love the family picture! MAN there were a lot of people there!

  41. Becky! So glad that you got to meet her!! I, too, LOVE the Pioneer Woman. I have been reading her blog for a year and a half and I *adore* her!! Seriously, she makes my heart pitter patter. I was *SO* jealous of the ladies who got to go hang out at the ranch with PW AND Bakerella. I would LOVE to meet her. She is coming to my hometown (which is, sadly, 500 miles away from my current home) on December 5th and I WISH I could be there!!! I was hoping to send my mom to the signing for me but there is NO way she'd stand in line for 5.5 hours, like you! (You go, girl!)

    PS: SUPER sweet for you to give away a copy. You are adorable!

  42. PPS: You should tweet about the giveaway. She might RT you. I've seen her do it before with other people's giveaways.

  43. Where have I been??? I have never heard of her! Now, I will have to go and check out her blog! Props to you girlie, for waiting in that line, but I totally understand.... I am about to get on a plane and fly across the country to meet my blogging buddies!

    Oh, and since I haven't ever been to her blog, I would feel bad if I won her book, so don't put me in the drawing...I would rather see one of her followers win! :)


  44. I try and read so many sites, hers does seem to get lost a lot of the time sadly. But she does some amazing photography doesn't she?

  45. Are you kidding me? I'm so jealous! AND I can't find the book anywhere around here. I just requested it from the library. But I really want my own copy.
    I'm completely addicted to Ree's blog and love their amazing story.
    Thanks for this giveaway and for standing in line for so long. Your husband and kids are troopers! Thanks for the pics too. Makes me feel like I was there!

  46. Five.and.a.half.hours! That is some serious Pioneer love! ;o) I would love to share in the count me in! ~mary~

  47. Okay, well you already know I'm a total sucker for Ree and anything Pioneer Woman. And you already know I'm totally jealous of you that you got a photo with her!!!

    Sadly, I've already won a cookbook... (sob, not autographed) so I don't think it would be fair to enter your sweet giveaway too! (more sobbing... No, really, I'll be okay... just give me a minute... sniff, sniff...)

    She is wonderful isn't she?

  48. And I don't mean it's sad that I won... because I'm happy that I won... just to have met her... now that would complete me. Kinda. LOL

  49. I would love to win! First your blog is awesome, I tell you that all the time! Being in the blog world, I have met so many nice people! I have mailed presents to bloggers, emailed other girls, bought things...I don't think people understand what it means to be a blogger. I know my family doesn't, but I get it!
    I also love cookbooks! I'm starting to take cooking lessons from my girfriend who is a chef!
    Well, I'm sure there is someone more deserving than me, so if you don't pick me, that's OK..

  50. LOVE Ree!!! and Ladd is SUPER nice too!
    so glad you got to meet them!!!

  51. Hi there. Glad to have found your blog via your visit to mine. And good timing, too. I love Ree!

    Why I want to win: Because I have a husband who is not unlike Marlboro Man. He grew up on a ranch in Wyoming and likes good, good food. He puts up with me and our spoiled dog, so I like to feed him a good meal every now and then. I've dropped a few hints that I'd like to get this cookbook for Christmas, but I don't think anyone is listening...

    Here I go to sign up as a follower. (I hope I followed all the rules! :)

  52. I don't follow her blog...I know, I know. So I know I won't win this giveaway...but I love all the photos and the photo of you in line is awesome:-) Thanks for nothing tonight and the caramel corn:-)

  53. Oh, to be in your TOP FIVE! I like the waiting in line for 5.5 hours - the similarity here of five lucky ladies waiting it out for the final step across the line.

    I like PW, I visit her blog on occasion (when someone else has raved about her, etc.) - but I confess I haven't taken the time to actually "read" all her stories. I should. I just love to be in my kitchen A LOT! and so maybe if I had her cookbook, opened up in front of me - I could acutally read about her life, her stories and such, and still be doing what I need to be doing. I think reading and stirring or mixing is able to be done at the same time. Multi-tasking. perhaps?

  54. Yay! I'm so glad I stopped by time to jump in on this giveaway!! I came across Pioneer Woman about a year ago via a blog I happened upon that just happened to belong to a woman I knew a lifetime ago.

    I call Ree's blogging experience "the snowball effect." Something small which gains momentum and before you know it, it's huge. Now she's huge. I envision a similar experience for you, Becky. She's very inspirational. Doing what she loves, doing effortlessly and being a huge success. Everyone's dream, right? It's mine anyway.

    I just adore her to pieces and would love to have an autographed copy of her cookbook, and maybe someday even have a snowball effect of my own!!

  55. How FUN!!! Oh my goodness the wait was worth it! What a treat to meet her, i adore her blog as well. Her life seems so amazing.. I never leave her blog without inspiration, recipe and a laugh. This book is on my Christmas list!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win one :) yippie!!

  56. How fun! I was so sad that she didn't come to my area. It's crazy seeing her on another blog!

  57. Oh, I'm not entering. I already have one. :)

  58. I've heard about this book! "That Girl" has been making some of the recipes and posting about it - so much fun! In fact I've been wanting to buy it but didn't have the money.

    I would LOVE to win because my husband lost his job last week and getting something for free would lift my spirits :) It would also enable me to cook better meals and feel a little less hopeless in this whole situation. Also we might need to move in with my Grandparents and it would be nice to learn a few good meals to make for them!

  59. (scream) You met Ree and Marlboro Man???? I'm so jealous!!! I would love to enter! I'm one of the leaders of our 4H Food and Nutrition Club here in our little town! I'm always looking for new things to share with our little chefs in training!!!! I'm already a faithful reader!!! Good luck girls!!

  60. I'm a farm girl from Australia and would love my blog to become a bit like Ree's but with Australian style. I dont have a Marlboro Man but rather a Stockman. I would love following blogs from other countries, spices up my life. Cheers

  61. I guess I have been living under a rock & would love to see what all the hype is with her cookbook! How's that for you :D & I signed up to be a follower. Love your artwork btw!

  62. very excited! and long! :)
    she is very loved that Ree! talent oozes from her pores!

    why i would want to win... well... i don't cook... stink at cooking but since i admire her so... maybe i could crack open her book and give something a whirl!
    if her cooking is ANYTHING like her photography... WOWZERS... that is one HOT cookbook!

  63. I have been following Ree since I began blogging... but 5 1/2 hours? I don't think I could/would do it. She is surely one to be admired though, and I did support her by buying her book ... but you, girl, are a true blogger supporter!!!


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