Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I am a cookie monster!

Okay so one week into the challenge and I have to be honest girls, I wasn't feelin' it. I'm pmsing and this week has been HARD! When I did the 21 day challenge before I did not cheat...nope not at all with the sugar and soda. This week day two... cheated, day three... cheated and so forth. I have never wanted sugar more in my entire life. It was calling me and I answered:( I'm so sorry.

Here I am starting this whole challenge thing and I blew it right off the bat. I was feeling so guilty and then I opened my Bible before bed and this is what I came to in 1 Corinthians 15:32 - ..."Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die." What? Did that say go ahead and eat and drink because we all are going to die anyway? Huh? No I know I'm taking it totally out of context, but it still kind of cracked me up anyway:)

I did however get my 3 miles a day in and read my Bible! So yay for that, and I do have a new resolve. I will begin the no sugar thing...the day after Thanksgiving because let's be real people I can not turn away pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving... I just can't. So I am really excited to hear about all of you. How did you do? Are you making some life changing, habit breaking progress...please do tell. I want details:)

Have a blessed day.

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  1. "Yeah!" for the miles and the quiet time! You can do it! I totally understand about the cookies and think that Thanksgiving should definitely be a free day! : ) I've been pretty good since yesterday (non-stop candy before that!) But now, I just pause and think, "Fit or FAT???" so far, it's working.

    I hope that helps!

    Julie M.

    ps When I told one of my best friends about your challenge (she is one of my accountability buddies for living a healthier life)..her instant response was, "During the holidays???" She probably also had a mouthful of chocolate chips at the time...hee hee..

  2. Oh...I'm sorry Beck- I stole all of your candy/soda mojo!
    Seriously- I've done really well on those two things...the rest?
    Umm...::diggs at the carpet w/ her shoe::..yeah- not so much.
    ::blush:: No running today or yesterday :o(

  3. I think it is very brave of you to start your challenge before the holidays ~ I am a wimp and will be taking the easy way out and starting in the new year. I have to bake 14 dozen cookies for an exchange on Friday and I know myself too well ~ there will be sugar and more sugar as I love cookie dough the best! Thanksgiving blessings to you Becky!

  4. Well....I have to say that I'm struggling here too. I have significantly cut back on my sugar, I'm not much of a soda drinker but I do love me some chocolate!
    I am at least working out more than I was. And reading my Bible much more.
    Hang in there, hopefully it will get better AFTER Thanksgiving!

  5. Hang in there, Becky. "Honest confession is good for the soul". I just appreciate your honesty, and now here is mine... I am still "thinking" about the challenge. Does being in the back of my mind, count? It certainly has helped me say NO for often. I guess to "decrease-NOT- increase", is my new slogan. By the way, thank you for your encouraging email the other day. I appreciate it - your enthusiasm is contagious.

  6. I have been struggling with the sweets thing for a couple months now. Maybe there is something in the atmosphere that is getting to all of us. Sounds like a good excuse to me....

  7. My mom has lost over 100 lbs in the last few years - still saying 'yes' to dessert but in much lesser portions (lower portion sizes all around) she's got a recipe for pumpkin pie that a regular serving of it equals the same amount of calories as an APPLE!! I'll get it from her while we're visiting this week. ;)

  8. This is a very sore subject for me. I want so badly to challenge myself but I have absoulutely NO self motivation. I mess up just one day and then I just fall right back into the same old routine. UGH!!!!!! It is VERY frustrating.

  9. Misery loves company! Ever since I got the excellent results of my cholesterol check at the beginning of October, it's been a slow and steady decline. I've gained about 7 lbs. since October 2nd. Mostly because I've been eating junk food. I'm still exercising, but my eating habits have taken a hike. Two days ago I decided to take control of the situation. Now, I'm limiting myself to 1000 calories a day (Thanksgiving excluded, of course!). Sticking with the exercise and eating right just feels better, too!

    Good luck! I'm behind you all the way!!

  10. LOL! I was wondering how it was going! Hey, 2 out of 3 ain't bad! I think waiting on the no sugar thing til after Thanksgiving is a smart move! Have a blessed day! :)

  11. Yes, I would definitely wait until after Thanksgiving to start because, yes, let's be real, it's nearly impossible to turn down those goodies. Do it all in moderation and I think you'll be just fine :)

    Great job on the 3 miles and reading the bible though...you are accomplishing your goals and that's awesome :)

  12. Becky...I think we worry ourselves into weight gain! Just eat and eat what you want..BUT...in moderation. I don't deprive myself of anything because it just makes me want it more! And I walk everyday..simple. Sometimes I go over, but then I back off, then go forward in moderation in all things...it works! Come say hi :D

  13. Yeah, it's so hard to force yourself to be "good" during this week... you've got a good plan though, so you go girl!

    I just got back from my run, and I went and popped a REces peanut butter creme into my mouth... one step forward, one step back... lol

  14. My dear Becky friend, I really did want to take on your challenge, but because of the torn cartilage in my knee from my fall 6 weeks ago, I still cannot walk over a mile yet! (See the surgeon next week.) It is depressing me too! I love God's nature and walking for exercise and also those walks helped me mentally and emotionally. This summer I lost 20 lbs walking my 3 miles 5 days a week and eating more healthy. If you think of me, please say a little prayer that the doc will know how to heal it and soon.

    Anyway, I'm eating pumpkin pie too on Thanksgiving and maybe even have a little whip cream on top! After, we can get back on the band wagon towards our health goals again.

    I wish you and your family a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving with lots and lots of family fun and memories made.

    You, Farmgirl, are such a blessing to me.

    Lee Ann

  15. Hey girls - don't beat yourselves up - forgive and forget and start a new day! You're already one step ahead because you're thinking about it and wanting to be healthy! Happy Thanksgiving... don't give up all the special treats just have a smaller portion...


    we're not perfect girl... and when i am PMSing... there is NO stopping me!

    i always have to remind myself not if... when... there are slips... LIFE...
    we just get right back on that horse!

    don't be hard on yourself... especially this time of year... even small changes add up!

    i have not been great the last few days... stumbled on some promises i made to myself... i need to saddle up! :)

  17. Girlfriend, all you have to do is read my blog post from today and know that there are now more than 3 half-gallons of peppermint ice cream goodness taking up residence in my freezer. So that pretty much answers your question about my combating the sugar problem that I share with you and millions of others around the globe. I figure if I can just get myself on the treadmill the day after Thanksgiving and start back up with my 4 miles a day routine, that will be good enough for me.

  18. When I started my own 'sugar-free' challenge, I knew there would be occasions that I'd allow myself a small treat. There have been too many of those unfortunately -- BUT I have to say I have not had ANY cookie dough. And. that. is. progress. for. me. =)

    Bible has to be the FIRST of First Things - so don't beat yourself up over the cookies.

    Shall we start an online chapter of Cookie Monsters Anonymous? ;-)

  19. You are so funny! I haven't done great this week at all. Our family has been passing the cold bug around and it's been an exhausting week. I will try better for sure after Thanksgiving. :o) Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. This totally cracked me up. I will be starting again after Thanksgiving too...seriously...ate a tub of caramel corn....I may never fit in my pants again:-)

  21. That totally cracked me up! Especially the Bible verse!

  22. To the most honest girl in the world ~ no one who loves pumpkin pie can pass it up on Thanksgiving.. it is just not possible!!!! We cut into the pie tonight (night before Thanksgiving)! Have missed you and I will be working backwards on all you have been up to the past couple of weeks! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family. ~ C


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