Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another challenge!

I'm becoming painfully aware that I've become lax with my eating and daily exercise. I have been really busy creating, planning and preparing for my Etsy store and in the course of that I've lost track of me! So guess what? It's time for another 21 day challenge. Yeehaw! I know your excited!!!

Here are my goals:

1.) Get 3 miles of some form of cardio in every day.
2.) Lose 5 pounds
3.) Read my bible daily.
4.) Continue with the no sugar, no soda.

Who's comin' with me?? Of course I will pig out on Thanksgiving, so fear not, but let's make some positive changes before the holidays hit. I'm going back home to Illinois for Christmas and I know I want to look smokin':) So let's do it together. It helps so much to have support, so let me know if you decide to jump on board this crazy train;) We can do it!!

Have a blessed day.

PS...Thank you for all of your suggestions with my business cards.
I've decided to have all of them made!
When in doubt pick them all right?
Love you girlies:)

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  1. Im in! Well maybe excluding the 3 miles as I will only run if its a life or death situation ;) maybe I will make it 20mins walking with the dogs at least per day!

  2. I'm totally in! I love a good challenge... especially in the exercise/fitness dept.

    I am totally on board with the no sugar/soda/white bread thing. I've been doing that and feel so healthy!


    PS: I too, want to look smokin' for our trip to the Dominican Rep. the 2nd week of December! haha.

  3. I will count myself in for the eating healthy, as much as a pregnant woman can follow that course. I'm not up to running but where I need to be accountable is reading the bible and quiet time with the Lord. So count me in!

  4. I love where your blog is going and I love challenges. I better get running!!! Claire

  5. I love how you included your spiritual exercise in that "getting fit" list. I am right there with you sister! I find that doing something physically that many days in a row, it becomes a habit. A good habit. At least that is what I have heard... it should give me a little motivation, too! :)

  6. Good luck with your goals! I'm sure you'll be up to the challenge:)

  7. I'm in! Life has been so busy and I have gotten off track....on more than just exercise. I was getting back on track anyways and now I will have a little bit of accountability.

  8. I've been debating over this all morning....I'm in! Good luck!

  9. oooo i'm so excited to see your etsy! and i'm sorry to say i won't be coming with you on your challenge. you lost me at 3 miles a day

  10. count me in friend

    i ran a 5k saturday & thought...geez, i should run this everyday.
    thanks for the inspiration & accountability.

    ps--this is one of MY most fave third day songs...i LOVELOVELOVE those boys. ( they're from just around the corner)

  11. I'm with you...I walk everyday, 3 miles..but some days I get too bust too...My goals are the same as yours, every one...LETS GO!!! :D

  12. Honestly, how do you do "no sugar"? We don't eat crazy (lots of sugar, "fake" food, processed, etc.) amounts of sugary stuff...yet, I look around and everything has it or calls for some form of sugar. Where do you draw that line?

    I want to do something... and know that I am not alone out there on a 21-day challenge. I guess, right there IS my challenge. Figure what I can do about the amount of sugar that is part of the natural (our normal) diet and see what happens - when we decrease that. I can't see totally eliminating it. Am I wrong? and I'm not so sure about the 3 miles either? ((want to be with, Becky, not so sure - sigh))

  13. I'm in! Are you ready to see my mug every day for three weeks? Cuz I'm gonna be desperate for motivation!

    1. '1st day to 5k' podcast everyday
    2. No soda (diet or otherwise)
    3. No candy (baby steps, right?)
    4. Read my Bible everyday-(whoo, boy! Why does this one seem hardest?)

    Thanks, Sister!

  14. You go girl!!! I have slacked off too, but I think walking 60 miles this weekend will help me pick things back up!! :) Good luck to you, but you already look smokin'! he he!

  15. As long as we get to pig out for Thanksgiving I'm in! :)

  16. Oh, I am totally in. I can understand! I did so well with my running. And...then...Life took over! But, Yes...I do not want to gain weight during the holidays! I love that you added the bible challenge.

  17. oye, I'm in on my own level...can't give UP the sugar, but I think I can limit it (I once did a month of only having desserty type things once a week...)

    *Most def. in on the daily dose of the WORD

    *I'm already running 3 x per week, though now that our arkansas indian summer officially ended yesterday I'll need some more motivation to keep that up! ;D

    *Hopefully, just eating more healthy in general with more H2O intake will also result in a loss of some inches that have seemed to fill up my jeans a bit more than I'd like lately, yikes!!

    So, yes, I'm on the train and "I think I can, I think I can!

  18. i'm in. but....i'm home with a child that can not go to school...so i will have to drag my big butt to the gym in the morning.
    I've already changed my eating habits...
    so here we go...
    thanks for the push.

  19. Thanks for the reminder and THE challenge...the no sugar thing would be so tough for me!

    I am a fellow MN blogger...in Deephaven actually. I have read your blog for a bit and am anxious to see your work.

    Cheers! Jill

  20. Okay i need to refocus im in! i've got to think of what i'm giving up... cause i don't drink soda...
    thanks for the motivation,

  21. Hmmm....hmmm.....I did this last year with some of my friends and it worked really well...until the holidays. Not eating junk and getting my shop ready for Christmas might be pretty tough...but I certainly need it! I do have a really cheesey good Denise Austen 3 mile crunch walk workout!

    Best wishes with the challenge, everyone!

    : )

    Julie M.

  22. Yeah girl, you go!! It's so easy to get off track this time of year, and my most successful health kicks have been in the month of December. It's like this: we're already so focused on food and out bodies, that we might as well REALLY focus right? Good luck with this...

    I want to email you later with a tiny update/prayer request for our current life situation!


  23. I'm in - I weigh in weekly in my group and have been plugging away at some irritable lbs. - I'm in for the challenge
    a) 4 bottles of water a day
    b) do my 5 mi of stationary bike every day
    c) write down what I eat every day
    d) ask myself if I'm really that hungry before I snack
    e) have a smile on my face because I'm healthy

    Good luck!

  24. I would love to participate.

    1. Continue walking every day 2-3 miles.
    2. Read more of my bible each day.
    3. No sugar
    4. Eat more fruit and vegetables.


  25. Oh I will try it!! Course I will have to have the sugar part though, get a little shaky without it LOL!! But I am in dire need to lose a few pounds and my dear friend who is a trainer is going to start training me after Christmas so I'm supposed to be in fair shape before then!

  26. i started yesterday too.
    a boost is in order!

    it IS a crazy thing how things... so many things...
    slip when we get busy.
    you should see my house!!!!!!! :)

    i'll be thinking of you next time i hit the gym... smiling on the treadmill!

  27. Awesome, girl! You are gonna look so good for your trip back home! I'll be your cheerleader!


  28. I came across your blog not to long ago and you are such an inspiration. I am with you on your goals, except I will do 30 min. of cardio 3 times a week or more. I'm so excited to have someone to do this with! Thanks for the inspiration and motivation.

  29. Luv the challenge! I think I'll count moving and unpacking towards my fitness goal. :) Just want you to know how much I luv all of your biz cards...my favs are the 2nd (I love the font) and the one with your housewarming gift painting. Can't wait to see your etsy shop up and running! hugs, trina

  30. I smiled when I saw this post =) How's this for my answer: (my blog from last week)


    Keeping Bible on the Priority List is excellent -- thanks for that!

  31. The best cure for me and the soda is that I have started drinking unsweetened Iced tea... it is so delicious and has no sugar in it! Good for you, girl!

  32. Woah! Wooooaaahhh! Gettin' a little wobbly, here, Becks- where's my homey at!?

    No soda= Great! starting to feel a bit of longing, though...
    No Candy=PERFECT! tho' next time we're gonna have to add in cookies, too, i think. (did I just say that!? eeep!)
    5k training=Great! The dog is a great motivator- she goes NUTSO if I don't run her.
    Daily bible= could be better- told you it was gonna be the hardest!

    Hug them babies for me!

  33. I'm in! Goodness knows I need it. I can totally identify with what you said. Though I'm scared of this no sugar, no soda bit...

  34. I am IN...


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