Thursday, September 24, 2009

Refining Fire

Our pastor this Sunday taught us about God's will, specifically his permissive will. This perked my ears up, because as I've mentioned a lot lately we have been waiting and waiting for an answer to prayer and in the meantime have grown weary, frustrated, defeated and just plain tired!

Remember Job?? God allowed Satan to test him. Not sure why He allowed it, but he did. Job lost everything: his health, wealth, all of his children, his friends. I'm not comparing our testing to Job's in any way, I just find it interesting how God allows certain things to try us. I really believe that it is sort of a good thing when we are tested. First off, God must really love me and want to do a work in me if He's taking the time to refine my life. Testing and trials are like being burned to the core. You know how precious jewels have to be heated or chipped away to become pure, sparkly and beautiful. Well after this test my Honey and I are going to shine like the royal crown;)

Secondly when we are tested it definitely makes us grow closer to the Lord and what could He possibly want more than for us to seek His face. As my pastor so eloquently put it, "Do we seek his answers, direction and road signs for our lives, or do we seek to be more like Him?" I don't know about you, but I want to be like Him. He was the perfect example of how to lead a flawless and perfect life. Now if I could just learn my lesson already and be done with this boiling pot!

Have a blessed day.

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  1. HI BECKY...
    follow the leader.. shabby blogs..

    lovely lovely family..
    1 more girl and you catch up with me.. ;0)

    wonderful blog..
    hope you see some sun today..
    it will be gorgeous in the Eugene Or. area..

    mona & the girls

  2. whoops..
    wrong blog....
    sure you will enjoy this one more
    mona & the girls

  3. Thanks for giving me something to think about today. And thanks for being a purple cow!

  4. Lovely post!!! and your "sparkle" is already showing! :)

  5. My prayer often is that I am following God's will. I wish I could say I were at a point that my will is His will because I am so close to Him. Most days that is not the case and I struggle through. Hoping you have a wonderfully blessed day.

  6. have been reading about joseph this week & how all the pain and major struggles he dealt with were all allowed by god for His glory...i love that story about redemption & forgiveness....always helps me try to see out from behind my current situation and truly believe that He is in control & He will never leave matter what we are going through.
    you are such a testimony girlie
    praying for you this morning

  7. This was a lovely post, I sometimes pray to God and sometimes I'm not sure my prayers are answered, but then I trust in God and He knows what is best for me, even though I'm not sure we are on the same path,then way down the road, I realized that God did answer my question and I just didn't realize it at the time!

  8. Oh I know all about the boiling pot. Sometimes it can be so frustrating. My hubby once told me that the longer "the boiling last" the more He is doing in you. That there is something that He needs you to learn first so you are properly equipped for what He has for you. Just so you know, I almost bopped my hubby when he told me that, it wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear at the time...but he was right. (Don't tell him I said that ;))

    And you are right, it's much more about becoming more like the Lord than all the other stuff we focus on.

    May you come through the fire a little more like the Lord and more equipped for the next step :)

  9. Great post! Wouldn't it be great if we could just quickly get through the lesson we are to learn, but how would be grow, right? I will be praying for you and your family believing for great things! :)

    Have a blessed day!

  10. So first, my favorite study I've done was on Job. Second, I drove around alone last night headed nowhere and couldn't stop picturing myself as Jim Carrey on Bruce Almighty...I've been praying for signs and answers and I too am tired and weary and DONE and I kept having the vision of me being Bruce as he drove begging for answers behind a truck that had all the road signs "Stop.Turn Around.Wrong Turn." I just don't get what I'm missing....
    Your post was FOR me today. :) Thank you!

  11. Praise God, that even when He lets us go through the trials and tribulations, we can rest assured! Just as Satan knew with Job, he knows well with us this glorious fact:

    Job 1:9-10

    "Does Job fear God for nothing?" Satan replied. "Have you not put a hedge around him and his household and everything he has? "

    I love me some good hedges... :)

  12. Amen, amen and amen!

    Thanks for sharing this...

  13. Corrie TenBoom is my hero. I alwasy think of when she said,"Give thanks for fleas." It made no sense in the moment but afterwards..."aaah, ok, I get it now!"
    (((Big San Diego Hug)))

  14. Yes dear Becky, exactly. He loves you and when you cling to him you grow. Fruit grows in the valley not on the mountaintop. As I get older I pray more often to learn my lessons the easy way, but it's pretty simple. Jesus wants all of us, our everything. He gave His everything to us, and He wants us to do the same. As you go through the fire ask God to stamp eternity in your eyes. Look at everything that happens in light of eternity. It changes how you view things. If the Lord comes today what matters? If my life was over next week, what matters? When I meet the Lord what will I bring him? Who will I have told? Where did I go? What did I do with my life?

    Go ahead, be brave and dive in. Becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ is the best choice any man woman or child can ever make. Being called into a deeper walk, a privilege that will produce joy.

  15. What a beautiful post. I am struggling a little right now and need to surrender and just Trust Him! Hope you are having a blessed week!

  16. Excellent observations. Too true, too true.

  17. A thought-provoking post. I do hope your prayers are answered the way you'd like for them to be.

  18. ummm yeah... yet another of your blogs that don't apply to me.

    Ha!! Just kidding.

    It hit me RIGHT where I was at today... how crazy. I just struggle so much with wanting to be done with TRIALS and waiting for things sometimes and forget that we go through things for a definite reason... preach it girl!!

  19. Believe ... God. It's so hard to do b/c we want things the way/when we want them. It's just faith but at the same time, it's faith ... believe God. How many times I have looked at Psalm 46:1-3. God is our refuge. Believe God. Psalm 46:10 cease striving and know He is God. Believe God. And, yes, sometimes the fleas have a purpose. Just don't quit! Remember what He's done for you. Praise Him. (A sacrifice of praise Heb 13:15) Thank Him. Amen. Amen. Amen. & some hugs.

  20. I can't agree with you more on that. there is nothing easy about trials. And I think that is why they are called as such, for they are taken from the word "try". And so in facing them we are being tried to extract the best from us. I, for one, have to deal with the trial of being reminded of my lifelong dependence on antidepressants every time I order at And I just cheer myself up by thinking that we et no orange juice if we don't squeeze the fruit, so the same thing is true for us: our best only comes out when we are confronted by the worst.

  21. Lovely post and thoughts. I too feel this way :)

  22. Love this blog! We're in the waiting mode too. We're the Buffaloes sitting in the boiling pot right next to you on the Heavenly refiner fire stove. :)

    God never wastes our time so take heart, you are getting shined up for awesome purposes in His Kingdom!

  23. Thanks for visiting my blog. Wonderful post...there is hope when our journey takes us to a valley that we will come to a mountain top again eventually. :)

  24. Thanks for sharing your heart Becky, it was a blessing to me and a humble reminder as I face a current trial.
    Leigh Ann

  25. I always hit up James during trying times - seems to offer great perspective.
    "Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds," (James 1:2)

    Your pastor sounds like a wise shepherd. ;)
    Your post brought to mind me 2 books I wonder if you've ever heard of?

    1 - Descion Making and the Will of God
    by Gary Friesen
    2- Just Enough Light for the Step I'm On
    (Trusting God in the Tough Times)
    by Stormie Omartian
    check em out on Amazon to see more - I've read them both - good stuff!

  26. I have often thought of Job and how even in the midst of the greatest testing he never waivered from his faith. I can only pray I would be so strong. Love this post.

  27. So true about testing or hard times bringing us closer to God. We were talking about this today in Bible study. I wish I could have that same intensity I have during hard times even when things are good...

  28. AMEN!! Very well stated! I too struggle at times "waiting"...Not so patiently LOL!! But the feeling of glory that feels your soul when you know you are where God wants you is awesome!! Right!!

  29. Boy, do I know what this blog is saying. I am so impatient and want things done yesterday..
    Sometimes, the things I wanted were not the answer and thank God, "He" was at the would have been a disaster if I got what I wanted.
    Happy Fingerprint Friday.

  30. Thanks for giving me something to think about today.
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  31. Becky, this is wonderful.

    Thanks for joining in Fingerprint Friday!


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