Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Murphy's Landing

I had the opportunity to go to Murphy's Landing yesterday with Big Chick on a field trip. It's was our first time, and since we both find history interesting it was a lot of fun.

They gave each child an identity. Then at the end you find out whether your person made it dead or alive. Whew to live back in those days.

I can't imagine living without a/c or heat, indoor plumbing, my camera...blackberry. Oh and a microwave and electric blanket in the winter. It would just be a stretch personally. I'm just sayin', I was meant to live in this century at this time.

Back in the mid 1800's settlers picked this plot of land near the Minnesota River to inhabit. Gorgeous views... I'm thinking another painting??

Here I am standing in the back snapping pictures of myself freezing! When I left the house this morning it was 48 degrees...brrr! This wouldn't be so bad if we weren't wearing shorts and flip flops just last week. I'm so not ready for cold.

Every time the clouds covered the sun's rays I seriously thought I was going to freeze to death.

The foundation on one of the houses:0 Can you imagine how cold the floors had to have been??

My NOT so favorite part of the day...when the kids were asked to build a log cabin together. You never heard such a ruckus in all your life. Everyone shouting out orders, tryin' to boss the others. It was complete chaos. I hate strife and it seriously drove me crazy. Finally after forever, the teacher stepped in and appointed someone to be the leader. It was only then that they finally made any progress. Goes to show there should always be a leader.

This was the general store. Apparently back in the day you paid for your mail when you picked it up. I guess if you couldn't pay sometimes they would read it to you. There were probably many who couldn't read, so this the way they did it.

Another barn...gotta love it. The best part of a field trip is leaving with a better appreciation of the teacher. I just don't know how they do it. I wanted to go home, curl up and take a nap! And there is always that one kid that I just want to smack, you know the loud one that doesn't listen and interrupts everything with bad behavior. There is always one! Why is that? All in all it was a fun day with my Chick:)

Just curious, if you could pick the era of your existence which would it be??

Have a blessed day.

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  1. As a former teacher, I can tell you that my least favorite thing were the field trips. They always seemed to go crazy on field trips.

    I just found your blog and I love it! I look forward to reading more in the future.

  2. what a great place to take pictures!

    I will trade weather with you - we had a cold front come in today - it's only going to be 87 degrees today. Yippee.

  3. What wonderful pictures Becky and the field trip sounded like a success! Although I love all things old I am also attached to my electronics ~ TV, computer and PVR.... I think I am in the correct era. Have a great day!

  4. I was meant to live in this century at this time.

    Yes, I agree. I always say there is a reason I was born on this side of central air. Especially in TX!!

  5. How Lovely!
    My younger son just spent the night aboard the the tall ship, 'The Californian'. Such a wonderful opportunity and I''m so glad he got to go...but no pictures! Waaaah! <:o(

  6. What a beautiful place, for sure. I would like to go back to a more simple time, when people trusted each other a little more. But, we're in the here and now for a reason and that's enough to rejoice in!
    New painting? Um, yes! :) :)

  7. What a great field trip. I love going on field trips with my boys.You were cracking me up with the building chaos and wanting to smack the kid. I have been known to have words with that kid.

    Lovely photos.

  8. the one you wannna smack...cracks me up!
    & i could never be a teacher either. just meeting my little one for lunch & that lunchroom wears me out!
    you're looking way too cute in the hat too missy!

  9. Hi, stopping by from SITS!
    I LOVE that photo in your header, it's gorgeous!!

    I hope you'll come by and check out my giveaway going on!

    Nana's Box

  10. I used to believe that I would be fine living in the 1800's and to an extent, I still believe it.

    The extent being that I lived in Southern Arizona in the 1800's, because here in Tennessee, it's 60-odd degrees and I am freezing to death (born desert rat)

    Stopping by from SITS, you were the comment above mine :) Great post, beautiful pics, and I hope you had a great time for the most part!

  11. i grew up in mn and (barely) remember visiting murphy's landing. in fact, my mom was talking about having an event there and for the life of me, i couldn't remember any details -- but your photos totally bring it all back. thanks! (also, i love the braids - cute! - i want to rock the mom braids!) thanks for stopping by my blog.

  12. Field trips are fun...when you are not the teacher:) I know, without a doubt, that I would not have survived long if I had lived in the 1800s! Those pioneer gals must have been hearty... So glad I came along after indoor plumbing was established:)

  13. this was an awesome post! i learned a lot and despite how cold you were, i want to live where you live! :)

  14. Well, I would have loved standing in the back causing trouble with you on the little outing girl...

    If I could have lived any time other than this time, it would have been during the 30's and 40's but not because of the War, just because it was such an amazing time in the history books with all the changes, and families really pulled together to help one another. (Plus the clothes were just darling, and they had running water) Maybe I would like to go back in time for about three days... Then I'd be ready to come back to my blog and technology! lol

  15. Okay, seriously just cracking me up today... I just got your comment. If you want to print up my photo, I will let you... that is hysterical!

    Hmmm, middle name. My parents called me Sasha Sue, but I kind of really hated that. I think I'd want something that sounded sophisticated and exotic... yeah... not really sure what that would be exactly. And why did they call me "Sasha Sue" and not just give me "Sue" as a middle name? Were they smoking pot or something? I have no idea. (but it was the 70's, so who knows.)

  16. Ha! What a funny post - I know about that whole no leader thing and the LOUD kid you want to smack. I actually don't have any kids in school but I can only imagine!

    BTW I <3 your music on here! Got to love some inspirational music right! Anyhow, the era I would love to say would be Little House on the Prairie era but lets be honest I HATE TO BE DIRTY! so maybe like 40-50 era... and not a kid, a housewife with the cute little dresses they wore and you know, the typical 50's housewife ;) Have a great day, SJ

  17. Beautiful pictures!!! How fun!!!
    oh! love your hat too! :)

  18. Sounds like a fun time, although I am with you with the chaos of the kids trying to build, I would have wanted to step in and be the leader to stop the chaos...
    I would love to have lived in the 20's, although the depression would have been really hard, but their fashion, cars, the theater, all perfect to me!

  19. How fun is THAT?! Love that. I love going on field trips with my kids.

  20. I don't know, I guess now. I think I romanticize the pioneer life. You had to be pretty stout in those days not to die off. That was a very cool field trip. I agree with you teachers should have medals of honor. I get a headache and want to die after those events. You did get some great pictures for paintings!!

  21. Neat post, Becky!!! I love tours like this...I like history too. :) You took some really great photos!!

    Man, to have to pick an era of history....hmm....I like my iPod and laptop and DVR. I think maybe the 1940s or 1950s???? NOT the Middle Ages, that's fore sure. ;)

  22. You 2 looks so darn cute in your hats!!! I'm way too big a wuss about the cold to have lived back then!! I use the heat fan in our bathroom 10 months out of the year!

    :) T

  23. what a clever field trip. We don't have anything like that around here.

  24. For some reason, I was usually the mom who got to go on field trips. But we never went anywhere like this! I picture myself living in the early 1900's in a cute little Craftsman bungalow, but then again I like the comforts of the modern day too!

  25. Becky~ You are so funny!! I totally sympathize with you!! I too get the urge to smack the "bad" kids :) We have a place in the city called Cowtown, which is similar to your Murphy's Landing. Our kids go in the 3rd grade and they dress the parts and work the day. It's really cool!!

    I most definitely belong in this time era, just slowed out here in the country!

  26. I love history too and love field trips like that. We have a place similar around here. They do a huge harvest festival with even a roasted pig:-) You HAD to be the hottest mom there!!!!!

  27. Wow! what a neat field trip! I feel like I went on a little visit there with you all. Great pictures. It's funny to see you all in coats and gloves with hats. We still have shorts on here. Chilly in the morning but nice, warm afternoons still.
    Cute, cute pictures again....just loved all of it. Fun for me to learn a little about your area. Thanks.... really good post.


  28. You just brought back great memories! I had many field trips there as a kid! I miss MN!

  29. We have a place like that where I live.

    I even have a family house there where my great-great grandparents grew up. :o)


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