Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Unanswered Prayers

We have been struggling a bit. We are waiting for God to provide a much needed answer to one of life's biggest challenges. It is so easy to forget the past, all that He has done for He has provided time and time again.

I always got kind of angry at the Israelites for their blatant disobedience and grumbling and complaining as they traipsed through the wilderness. How could they forget what they had seen? The parting of the Red Sea, the Ten Commandments written on stone, the manna and quail dropped from heaven morning after morning to provide for their every need...and yet they did. They! But here I am in the face of a storm and I feel myself questioning, complaining and wondering, "God did you forget about us"? Where is our answer??

"Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul." (Psalm 143:8)

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that His answer is coming, His timing is perfect. He WILL meet every need. I choose to trust.

Have a blessed day.

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  1. The waiting is the hardest part...but it sounds like you have the right attitude!

  2. Beautiful post. God's timing is perfect. But, isn't it so hard to wait and be still. Hang in there. Saying a prayer for you!

  3. It is easy to get caught up in the "what have you done for me lately" and waiting is hard. Hang in there!

  4. yes we are just like them, and He still loves us.

  5. Hardest thing to accept.....His time, not ours. Hard to wait in these days of instantaneous satisfaction. His Way, His Time. Be ready!

  6. I've had those thoughts re: Israelites too. Then I remember. I've seen some pretty great stuff myself. I was dead and now I'm alive. That's big.

  7. Daniel prayed.
    No answer.
    Weeks went by and still no answer.

    One day, an angel appeared to Daniel and told him: Your prayer has met fierce resistance by the enemy. We needed reinforcements in the battle to get your prayer answer through to you. (It took three weeks).

    The Lord sent me to tell you that your prayer was actually answered.....on the first day you prayed. Your continued prayer, and faith, overcame the resistance from the enemy.
    Read Daniel.
    Once you have stood all night in a cave of hungry lions, growling in the darkness about you, for they are hungry, but their mouths are held shut by the Lord, you can be sure the Lord will do the same for a satan who prowls to devour the faithful.
    He has no teeth.
    You are safe.

    I also note that Jesus Christ Himself prayed deeply, to the extent that He sweat great drops of blood. It got so bad, angels came to minister to Him. (recorded only in Luke, in the final prayer before arrest).
    His prayer went unanswered.

    That silence saved the world.

    You are in good company here. Pray away!
    I will join you to magnify your request.

  8. I wonder if you ever read my post titled W*A*I*T found here.

    I only hope it to encourage you. Praying for you today.

  9. The waiting is always the hardest part, and that always seems to lead us to question. But God does answer our prayers, when He knows it is time.

    Sending you lots of good thoughts, big hugs, and keeping you in my prayers, my friend!

  10. Keeping you in my prayers today. Waiting is never easy, but God's timing is always perfect. Have a wonderful day.

  11. Waiting is so hard, esp. in our culture where we expect everything right away. I do this ALL the time. Hope things are looking up today! :)

  12. Waiting is always hard...I will keep you in my prayers :)

  13. I've often been guilty of wanting to "control" God's dear God, could you please ____ on this date?? or provide this way??...and even though I know He has the BEST plans for me (His perfect plan)and the best timing...I struggle with letting go, resting in His peace, remaining steadfast and trusting-knowing He will always provide just what I need and just when I need it...
    I will be praying for you friend...and what a beautiful post!
    Many Blessings!

  14. Stay strong and just keep trusting in're right He will provide! Nothing wrong with praying for not only your need, but strength to trust Him as well - I've done it many times!

    :) T

  15. Sometimes, he has already answered our prayers and we just missed it because we were too busy looking for what we wanted...not what we needed. Stay strong...God works in mysterious ways (I know he does).

  16. Amen, sister.

    I love what 2 Samuel 22:33 says, "It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect."

    Also love Psalm 138:7-8
    Though I walk in the midst of trouble,
    You will revive me;
    You will stretch out Your hand against the wrath of my enemies,
    And Your right hand will save me.
    The LORD will perfect that which concerns me;
    Your mercy, O LORD, endures forever;
    Do not forsake the works of Your hands.

    Hold on, be strong, our God has never failed us yet, and he's not going to start now. This is a lesson I feel we are all being called back to. God wants all of our hearts to be totally and completely trusting in Him, and Him alone. Situations are arising right and left so that, as you said, it's time for us to be on our knees.

    Praying for you!

  17. Oh my friend I pray for you, your best friend/husband and family. Lord, I lift up Becky's prayers to you. Lord quiet her with your presence, rejoice over her with singing. I pray strength, hope, submission of her complete heart to you precious Father.I thank you for such a time as this that you will hear her gentle voice to you as she petitions her request and lays it at your beautiful feet my Lord. I pray your will be done over her Husbands job and no matter what storm precious Father we praise you and send smiles back to the heavens to you! In your amazing and tender name we pray. Amen!

  18. Patience and trust. Two of the toughest things to adhere to sometimes.

  19. I too was going to write about Daniel. The one small thing that I will add to Keystone's wonderfully stated comment is something that powerfully jumped out to me recently.

    The angel said, "...'Do not be afraid, Daniel. From the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard and I have come in response to them.'" (Daniel 10:12)

    In praying for my husband's job situation recently, this verse came alive to me and for the first time, I began to ask God to help me to gain an understanding about what He is doing in our situation. It also made me consider whether or not I was humbly asking for His provision with expectancy or if I was just expecting (in a demanding way...) I was focusing more on God's hand than on His face.

    I too am agreeing in prayer for God's answer to come quickly to you.

    "Peace! Be strong now; be strong." (Daniel 10:18)

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  21. I am thinking of you Becky and hoping that whatever it is, it all works out.....I am sure that it will.
    Simone xoxo

  22. I always say fake it till you make it, He just wants us to rest in his ability to provide, I know the answer is coming and now I am praying right along with you!!!

  23. Thank you for your transparency, Becky! I will join with you in prayer!

  24. We too have a storm brewing on the horizon. I have been praying but have not heard an answer yet. You are so's His timing.

  25. beautiful, beautiful post. Why is trusting so hard! Why are we so impatient. Your answer IS coming! Keep your faith strong! (i'm saying this to me too!)

  26. How faithful our God is to provide everything that we NEED in the TIME that we need it. I don't know what mountain you face, but though it may seem unclimbable now, from Heavens point of view its just a hill...and beyond that Mountain is a valley of rest where Gods faithfulness resides.

    Oh how GOOD our God is. He is right there with us in our struggles, loving our soul, and giving us the grace that we need for every struggle we face.

    My friend, as you know God will provide...he will give you life abundant, just delight in Him as he delights in you, his precious farmgirl. ;o)

  27. Love your last two true.

  28. Oh, my friend, yes we are in the same boat here. I love your post- so much more mature than mine :). Keystone's comments made me tear up- I receive that word. Thank you.

  29. I have the perfect post for ya

    After years of infertility and crying out to God "Where Are You?" we got our little angel blessing and it's perfect timing! He was there all along!

  30. Becky,

    The verse that you quoted is one of my favorites.

    Yes, let the morning.

    Bring assurance of His favor.

    Assurance of His love.

    Oh, and His peace. His strength.

    Praying for you.

    Sweet dreams.

  31. I'm in your same boat. This week (and the upcoming six months) are going to be very difficult for me. My faith problem is looking around me and comparing my situation to others - who seem to have everything so very easy. Why me? Thoughts which are TOTALLY the devil and my sinful self, rather than being thankful for my blessings and having the faith I need every day and every hour to trust God and wait patiently. Persevere in trials.- James 1. Why is this all so hard to remember, sometimes?

  32. I am visiting from SITS. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest.
    Waiting and patience are very difficult for me. I know God's timing is perfect and I know He see the whole picture, yet I do struggle with wanting to know. It truly is difficult to let go, to trust, to be still.

  33. Hello Becky - thank you for your reminder to Trust the Lord when faced with a struggle or unanswered prayer. I'm forever thankful that He has such a better point of view than my feeble little one. He sees the BIG picture. A tiny mustard seed of faith is all He requires. Praying along with you for God's reveal in His timing.


  34. Hi Becky,
    I've crossed your path on many a blog. I don't know if your prayer request has been resolved yet, but I'm praying for you! One of my favorite verses is Isaiah 41:10, "Do not fear; for I am with you: do not be dismayed; for I am your God: I will strengthen you; and help you; I will uphold you with My righteous right hand." (memorized NIV with punctuation from my daddy's King James Bible...which was by my side...on the coffee table...when I saw your post. : )

    We have comfort in knowing that God is still in control!

    And now, may The One who is able to do considerably and abundantly above and beyond all we can ask or imagine...bless you and keep you in perfect peace!

    Julie M.

  35. Becky~ How did I miss this I am so sorry!! I would have been praying for you all along!! You most definitely have my prayers now!! And I commend you for reminding us all that God does not forget us!!


  36. I found your blog via Shabby Blogs! :) Congrats!

    I wanted to tell you that I've borrowed Psalm 143:8 from your post here. I have scripture in my sidebar on my blog, and with busy times lately, I'm loving this verse. Thank you for the reminder...

    I pray that you're finding some peace lately...


  37. You faith is inspiring! I lean on Psalm 62 "My soul finds rest in God alone;
    my salvation comes from him.
    2 He alone is my rock and my salvation;
    he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.

    Thank you for sharing your faith and beautiful blog!!!


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