Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Purple Cow

My husband loves to read non-fiction, self-help business type books. One of his favorite authors is Seth Godin. Recently he was telling me about Godin's book entitled Purple Cow. According to the author, he was on vacation with his kids driving through farm country and his kids were so excited to see cows. At first they were oohing and ahhing over these creatures. Pretty soon after seeing countless cows they lost their appeal. It dawned on him that what would be really interesting would be to see a PURPLE cow. Something different to stand apart from the rest of the herd...something special and memorable.

Well I have to say that my Big Chick's teacher has done just that. This summer Mrs. Huggett has handwritten at least 3-4 letters to my daughter. Handwritten, two page letters, at least 3 or 4 times to my daughter...as well as to the other 26 or so students from her class!! I am completely amazed and shocked that she has taken the time from her summer break to do this. This is above and beyond, exceptional...this is what being a PURPLE cow is all about. I really feel that all it takes is one person, one teacher...that special someone to show interest in a child, to believe in them, that can make or break their self esteem in life.

Never thought I'd say this, but I want to be a PURPLE cow! I want to stand out from the herd and be unique...special. How can our lives, our relationships, businesses...our blogs be different from the rest?? I don't want to be some ordinary brown cow...let's be PURPLE:)

Have a blessed day.

Photo Credit: Flickr, top - stevefaeembra, bottom - book by Seth Godin
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  1. Oh my goodness, that is one amazing teacher, how on did she find the time?! What a wonderful thing to do!!

    I LOVE the Purple Cow Plan (as we should now call it!)......very interesting :)

  2. Maybe you're Starting Something.
    This might be a Movement.
    Is this a Movement?
    I'd LOVE to be part of your Puprle Cow Movement.
    (It beats soiling oneself for insurance purposes. LOL)
    You need a button.

  3. I want to be a purple cow, with red polka dots!
    Thanks for the inspiration:)

  4. Becky, you're already "OUT-STANDING in your field"... meaning you already are a "purple cow". The inspiration that you already have about you is contagious. Thanks for your sweet comment to me the other day... I really, really appreciate it. Great Post, today!!!

  5. I can't wait to see what becomes of this purple cow!

  6. I think being a purple cow sounds great. What a wonderful post. I would like to be a Purple Cow, too.

  7. Amen! :) Do you think I could be pink? ;)

  8. Big Chick's teacher sounds wonderful!

    I love the idea of the Purple Cow! Maybe you can make it some kind of weekly feature on your blog?

  9. If you have but one teacher like that, you should consider yourself lucky. To stand out from the herd, no greater feat!

  10. Oh I want to be a cow! Oh wait that didn't come out right! haha Funny but our sermon on Sun was on this very thing. {not the cow thing} but being different, letting the world see you as different. I pray this week that this is true in my life!

  11. Last year our class was learning about purple, and I suggested we make purple cows. They looked at me as if I had two heads. I told them what to buy. They bought it. On the day of the "event," I left to pick kids up from school and figured there would be stuff left over for me to make one because NObody sounded like they thought it would be any good. All gone. In 30 minutes all gone.

    ~visiting from SITS

  12. I WILL be a purple cow dangit!! But I just wish it wasn't a cow... I would rather be a purple princess... or a purple goddess. Something less, um... "cow-like" you know?

    But if it's got to be a cow, then a cow I am!!

    Remember, I'm preparing to homeschool this week, and my brains are already scrambling into a first and third grade mentality.

  13. now if we are all purple cows we will no longer stand out! i like green, yes i will be a green cow.
    your daughters school teacher sounds amazing- they are few and far between, but they are out there!

  14. Go purple cow! Neat post! and.....the teacher sounds wonderful!

    Hope you all are having a good week out there!
    I don't want school to start....how about you??
    Anna goes into the 6th grade which is just a big shock to my system.


  15. That is one amazing teacher!!! I wish this for my son too, I want him to see a mommy that is not ordinary but follows her dreams and makes them happen, wether successful or not!! I don't want to be ordinary....and I totally and completely agree with you....take that plunge BECKY!! :)

  16. that's awesome! I want to be a purple cow too!

  17. what a wonderful amazing message, I think you are definitely a purple cow...in a really good way. That teacher is so sweet, I love those teachers, I had a couple like that growing up, I still remember everything about them, and what they said to me to be encouraging, life changing.

  18. Oh my goodness Becky!!!! my post is on purple today!!!! must be "something in the air!"...Too funny! I Love that purple cow! Ryan-Elizabeth (whom my post is about today) would just love to have that cow!!!-
    I love the idea of being "different, standing out (and up!) going above and beyond!
    Great post!
    Happy "purple" day!- and here's to making everyday one!

  19. That's just totally cool. I hope you said something to this teacher directly, maybe a nice handwritten thank you letter of encouragement and appreciation. So many good deeds go unsung.

  20. such an interesting way to look at things!! Purple Cow... maybe I should get into it :)

  21. I agree.....I want to be a purple cow too! Today my goal is to brainstorm and think of all the ways I can be that purple cow in the world!

    Thanks for the opportunity to think about something positive that has encouraged me and those around me! :)

  22. Wow- what a great teacher. It's people like that in life that really keep you going and give you confidence to do what you want to do. I love this post and if I could choose I would love to be a pink and orange cow ;) This is just a great reminder of how one person can so easily touch anothers life with something simple and easy, but out of their way.

  23. I want to be a purple cow, too! But can I still try to be thin? Not that I am now, but a cow can always dream, right?
    And I'm pretty sure we're studying a Seth Godin book right now in sunday school- something about the suburbs killing us. :-) Sounds like the same author, huh?
    And GREAT story about your teacher! What a blessing!

  24. I am so doing that to my cow... what is it. Spray paint?

    It will remind me that it's ok to be different too. Wonder if it will give me purple milk??

  25. she sounds like such a great teacher. Not a lot of teachers are that dedicated to their students and it's really important to have role models like her.

  26. That's the kind of thing that gets people nominated for "teacher of the year." That going above and beyond - reaching into the lives of your students and being intentional about connecting and inspiring each one. Awesome!!

    I'm looking forward to seeing what might come from this "purple cow post!"

  27. I listened to that book on CD in the car last year and really enjoyed it. Your daughter's teacher is a great example of what it means to be a "purple cow"! I find that really inspiring.

  28. That is one incredible teacher! I think you already are a Purple Cow ~ you inspire and share on every post!

  29. Hello Becky - what a sweet idea. I'm so thankful every time I hear a story about someone taking the time to encourage a child. Thank you for sharing!


  30. Very good!

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps I have to admit that there are several keywords and phrases which automatically send my mind into rewind. To me, "Purple Cow" brings back an audio-tape recording of my first best friend. "Four, four, four, four, four! And Julie's 3! She says she's four, but I think she's really just kidding!" "What else did you see at the circus, Joy?" asked her mom or nana. "A PURPLE COW!!!!"

  31. Very moooving er, uh I mean cool! :)

  32. Dropping by from A&MD Ranch's blog to say hi. True story...When my grandpa was farming he actually had blue holsteins....Off to check out more of your blog!

  33. I love the idea of a purple cow! And I love that your daughter's teacher wrote handwritten letters to her. How sweet and so thoughtful. I love it.

  34. Ahem.
    You do realize, of course, that as old as this post is,now that I've seen it? I will not be able to rest until I have CROCHETED a purple cow.
    Thanks a lot, Beck. Thanks a lot.


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