Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby Boom!

One of the highlights of our Illinois trip was my cousin Tammy's son getting baptised.

The pictures above represent the baby boom my family has had over the last few months. I come from a really large family. My dad is one of eight, so you can imagine all the cousins and their babies. I have completely lost track of who belongs to whom and their names. I can barely remember all of my cousins names...isn't that horrible!!

This is my Grandma June's church. It's in a tiny little town in Central Illinois and has maybe 30 members on a good Sunday. The whole left side is just some of our family:)

It is very old fashioned and charming in a way. My favorite part was when the minister passed around a microphone and had people share prayer requests and praise from the week. That would never happen in the large church I attend. We would be there all day. Gotta love that intimate feeling that a small church provides.

During the baptism...William trying to make his escape:)

William looking a little frightened, but safe in his momma's arms.

Afterwards with my cousin Tammy and my niece Annette (remember her house...from last week?).

My big brother Jim.

My "peeps".

Grandma June with some of the new additions to the family tree. The first set of twins so far...

William, with his daddy Omer...the star of the show:)

Finally a rare shot of me and my folks. Aren't they adorable? Thanks for indulging me with this family photo album. You know how much I love my family:) It was a special day.

I'm curious about you too...
if you go...what is your church like and do you baptise as babies or adults??

Have a blessed day.

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  1. Look at your "peeps" ... Gorgeous photos!!

  2. We go to a church of about 250. It is more contemporary than the church I grew up in as a child. My husband and I and all of our kids were baptized as babies, but the church we go to now dedicates babies and you choose when you are ready to be baptized.

  3. Becky, I am one of your newest followers...thanks for stopping by the other day so I could find you! I am feeling a kindred spirit here...:) Our church is very large, but I get the whole country church thing. I grew up going to country churches in northwest MO, but they are becoming that part of America that is starting to become a bygone era. Now in St. Louis, we are attending a moderate size large church, lots of people and programs. We are PCA, so our church does baptize infants. All three of mine were baptized before 6 months. I love our church, not too small, not too large, just right! :) blessings!

  4. Love the shot of all the babies! :) I can see a family resemblance between you and the cousins. We attend a Baptist church with several thousand members. Our church allows baptisms for any children and adults who understand the commitment to Jesus that they have made, but I know some other churches do things differently. :)

    If you have a chance to stop by, my 200th post Giveaway went up yesterday (Sunday) with my Thrifty Treasures post. :)

  5. all those sweet and precious.

    what an interesting question you bring up.
    our church does not baptize babies. the biblical examples of baptism shows that adults are baptized for the forgiveness of sins...babies are innocent of sins. when we reach that age when we realize that we are not living in accordance to HIS will, we should repent and then become baptized.

    {acts 2:38; mark 16:16}

    i'd love to study this further with you if you would like...or give you some more verses on the subject.

    have a wonderful day

  6. Girl!! I'm just back now...How is it possible to be this tired from a teensy camping trip?

    No idea. :)

  7. Hi there,

    I am glad you remember me, look at your site now, its gorgeous, I still adore your lovely family, I do believe that a family that prays together stays forever..

    More power to you...


  8. Love the country atmosphere! Thank you for the question re: baptizm. We too follow in the tradition of the words in the Bible "repent and be baptized." So children and adults are baptized when they can understand. Infants are dedicated.

  9. That picture of your Grandma with the babies is so sweet!

    Our church "dedicates" babies when they are little and baptises when they're old enough to decide to follow Christ on their own.

    Have a lovely day!

  10. Thanks so much for your nice comments on my blog.
    You could sell greeting cards with the lineup of babies on it!

  11. What an adorable family you have!! Love the photo with you & your parents! I feel the same way about all of our 1/2 cousins (from my step mom's side) LOVE them; but I'd probably fail if I had to tell you their names/ages/etc.! My kids LOVE the chaos of visiting them though!

    I attend a church of about 500. We prayerfully dedicate babies (and parents) to the Lord; but baptism is a public profession of accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior in our church. (Very non-threatening way of asking too by the way! ;))

  12. Cool!! I finally figured out how to sign on to your!! Love these pictures! The one with the twins and Grandma.... Precious!

  13. Love all your pictures! Looks like y'all had a great time! My hubs comes from a large family like that and ALSO doesn't know everyone's names. So sad!! But he tries to brush up on the family tree when we know we are going to see them!
    I was raised Catholic and am now Methodist. Both of those denominations baptize as infants. My hubs and I were both baptized as babies and we've had both of our children baptized. That being said, we completely view it as a public dedication of children to be raised in and supported by the church. We have confirmation around middle school when children make their own decision to become full fledged members of the church.
    I think God is so much bigger than the terminology that it doesn't bother me, either way. :)

  14. Billy Graham has you walk up to the front by him after a Billy Graham Crusade, as an act of public profession that you believe. No baptism.

    I was sprinkled as a baby.

    Later, an Assembly of God guy told me my baptism was not valid and I needed dunked, not sprinkled.

    I gave him the "you and your households" argument from Acts (conveniently ignored in comments above). The counter argument to the Apostles saying they baptised you and your households??? [See, households have kids, so kids were likely baptised]. The argument then goes: No No No! The household believed, but infants did not. They need dunked later.

    Who are we to know what God has instilled in an infant?
    Do they believe in breathing? Not in the womb; but pronto upon exit.

    This goes round and round, with basically Catholics saying sprinkling is fine, and Protestants saying you need dunked. BOTH will be surprised to see parties of the other denomination in heaven.

    Who do we know for sure is in heaven?
    Precious few names make up the list.
    A thief on the Cross (uh, Christ's blood brings forgiveness of sin, not baptism)...the thief looked at Christ and said: "Can I go with you?" and Christ replied : "THIS DAY you will be with me in paradise".

    Now this guy was being crucified for a reason. He was likely a no good, and caused some pretty bad deeds.
    He does not fall under the "you and your household" argument of baptism, for that came after Pentecost, and he was just dying on the cross next to Christ.

    Yet, he is clearly noted by Christ as one of few in all the Bible to go to heaven.

    It is hard to dunk a guy on the cross for a baptism. No word says they took him down and baptised him and rehung the guy.
    No word on sprinkling by a nearby Roman, or even John. (The rest of the Apostles booked out so they did not get crucified too; only John stayed with Christ).

    So either this guy was sprinkled as a kid (not yet invented, so highly unlikely, and over ruled by the fact, that now he was a man like Christ.....sprinkling was not done for "I Believe" since Christ' ministry was a ways off).

    Nope. All the baptism talk is not part of the deal, and anyway it is done is fine. Why?

    There is a thief in heaven per Jesus Christ, and that guy knows zip of our wonderful churchy talk of sanctification, justification, regeneration, baptism, confession (he did NOT repent; he BELIEVED in Christ), and all our weird practices and terms.

    This thief is IN; and all commenters with words of wisdom on the way to get in, including me, are not in.....yet.

    However, I do qualify as a thief. And so do all of you. Perhaps if we emulate the thief on the cross and talk to Christ as this thief did, we are then invited to heaven too.

    If my doctor put a shot of immunization into my one day old butt, am I immunized? Yup.

    And if my parents can intercede on my behalf through THEIR prayers and the Father listens, do I have to say the prayer as a 3 hour old baby? Nope. Their intercessory prayer does fine.

    Same with baptism.

    Ps. With the size of Big Brother Jim, I am surprised Becky ever got a date.
    Nice family shots Becky.

  15. Growing up our church had people stand for prayers and praises. It was really nice. My church now dedicates a baby to the Lord. The church prayers for the parents for wisdom and asks the congregation to help in bringing up the baby to love the Lord. Baptism is when you are older in my church. Wonderful photos....baptisms always make me cry

  16. What fun! I loved the pictures. =)

  17. I love family snaps, looks like you had a great time with the family.

    Love that photo of your parents and you, they look so sweet :)


  18. Wow, that's a LOT of babies!

    You look so pretty in your have such a bright smile!

  19. Well, it was nice to meet everybody! I love big families! Hard to get a table at a restaurant though! (I come from a big fam too!)

  20. wow look at all those babies I would lose my mind and try to stuff them all in my pockets and run for it!!! ok not really but still I want one...some...

    anyway we baptise both babies and adults. I have gone to the tiny mostly family churches before but John and I like our big church right now!

  21. Ha love the big family!!! I too am a family loving girl!! So many cute babies!!

    Our church is very large...We Baptise at any age..

  22. Love all the family shots Becky ~ especially the one with your folks and grandmother with the twins!

  23. love the pictures! i am a new follower to your blog :) love your look on life!!!!
    in my church (the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints), we baptize at the age we believe children become accountable, 8.

  24. Babies are just so sweet, all of 'em! You just wanna eat 'em up. :)
    As for baptism, I believe the Bible teaches it as is a profession of our faith believing that Christ and His shed blood on the Cross is what saves us. I believe there is an age of accountability, but it's not the same for every individual, only God knows that. I don't believe baptism equals salvation, and I don't believe my faith can save anyone. God is righteous, and He is just so I do not fear for the eternity of my 6 month old son. When the times comes for him to choose this day whom he will serve, he will make a choice. My prayer is that his father and I raise him in the full knowledge of Christ, believing that by training him up in the way he should go, he will not depart from the Truth.

  25. What a beautiful picture of all those babies. Our street had a baby boom nine years ago. Ten of us pregnant all at one time. Every few weeks someone was having a baby. We live on a small street that ends in cul-de-sac. People were terrified to drink the water over here! It was a really fun time though!

  26. Sweet pictures!! The one of your "peeps" is adorable!


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