Friday, May 29, 2009

School End Festivities

Do you remember Track and Field Day??
I was little weird as a child. I never really liked stuff like this. I was the kid who always got a note from the doctor, so I wouldn't have to run...I had asthma. But if I could go back I would love a day like this...going from one activity to another, being outside with my friends. That would be so much fun.
The "fill the bucket with a sponge full of water" race. The "three legged" race.
Big Chick running! EEEkkk:)
And last but not least TUG of WAR! Cool...sign me up:)

Little Chick's last day of school.

Giving Miss Williams her handmade "bear".
We made this together and I have to say she loved it.
She was so proud.

Her teacher was the absolute best...above and beyond sweet and sincere.
I'm so thankful she had a good experience.
Yummy ice cream social after graduation.

Oh to be a kid again.
Seems like yesterday

Hope you have a blessed day!

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  1. Isn't it great when your kids have the best teacher ever? My oldest has had them the past few years and I feel pretty fortunate.

    Great pics. It brought me down memory lane for sure. Track and field was the only sport I was in. Loved it.

  2. I want to be a kid again to... How do we make that happen?

  3. Wow, that took me back! :) So carefree!!

  4. Oh, Track and Field day!! I was the kid who also begged to sit out... (I hate that about myself now) and ususally got that lame lavendar ribbon reading, "Participant." Why didn't they just print the words, "This child is and always be nothing but a last-place loser." Sob. (I'm kidding)

    Those photos are so adorable... I can not wait until the next week for my kids is done! We're out Thursday, praise the Lord.

    Happy Weekend

  5. What sweet pics! Your little girl looks so beautiful in her dress! I also really love the home your last post was about (I tried to comment but blogger would not let me!) It is gorgeous and all the details are just perfect. Thanks for sharing...

  6. This is The Best "Aww..." Post Evah!!!!!


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