Friday, May 29, 2009

Prayer Request

My heart is so full...with sadness, anger and disbelief right now. I recently invited my daughter's preschool teacher to our house for lunch and she just emailed me back letting me know that the preschool/church has let her go. Just yesterday I posted about how above and beyond wonderful she is. She has made such a difference in my daughter's life. This isn't something I take lightly. She blessed our family and it has meant so much to us. And to find out that they let her go. I just can't believe it. I am in complete shock.

She told me the reason was that they wanted someone from the church to fill the position, so they could be more involved. They have apparently already found this person. I find this a lame reason personally and it sounds like a "nice" way of saying something else. Regardless of the reasoning, Miss Williams is a single mother with four children at home. My prayer for her is that God will lead and guide her to something bigger and better. I pray that His hand of blessing will provide and protect her and her family, and that He will comfort her during this difficult time.

Thanks for listening.

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  1. She'll have an excellent reference from you.

    SOunds like fundie nonsense; that she'd need to be involved in their church to teach at their school.

    Fundies are all about the hurting of the feelings. (That's 47% of the reason I'm so mad all the time.)

    Thank God your girl had her for a teacher this year.

  2. Oh I'm so sorry. My heart goes out to you. She no doubt will find something bigger and better. It's happened to me a few times and it feels great. TRY and have a great weekend.

  3. It's so hard when we get attached to those teachers that have loved on our kids and they aren't treated right! I would be upset too.

  4. I'm sure the preschool/church will be hearing quite a bit of feedback since she was so well liked/loved. Such a shame! She will be in my prayers!

  5. That is so tough. I will definitely pray for her and I am sure that something bigger and better is just around the corner for her. xo

  6. well that just stinks!
    I hope with her experience she finds a job soon.

  7. So very sad! I'll definitely keep her in my prayers. You are lucky and grateful that Little Chick was able to experience a wonderful year with her.


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