Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Mulch Day

This weekend we spent doing yard work. We had 15 yards of mulch delivered and my honey spent several hours going up and down the steep hills in our back yard moving it all. We were so blessed to have perfect weather.

SO glad he's a hard worker. This would have taken a normal person a few weekends, but he of course killed himself to get it done. Now his back is hurting a little:o I was the official spreader. Don't cha just love my outfit?:) I had to get prepared!! In addition to moving and spreading mulch, I spray painted our porch furniture, planted flowers and stained our flower baskets. {Before}
My father-in-law made these baskets for us years ago.
They are really special and we put them out every year.
The Chick's and Fergie just chillin'.
I should have given them a shovel and put them to work too:) We celebrated our hard work by roasting marshmallows and hanging by the fire.

The yard looked all fresh and new. It was momentarily perfect:)

Hope you had a beautiful weekend too.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. My goodness! You accomplished way more than I this weekend. I was lazy the whole time! Everything looks great. Hope you have a great rest of your weekend.

  2. Lotta work!! Looks great. I especially like the front porch furniture!!!

  3. Doesn't that just feel good to get that done. Know the feeling, let me tell ya. You live in such a beautiful area. Love it!

  4. Mrs. Greenthumbs said the word "mulch" sounded so yucky...and that we should say it with a French sound, like "mulche". I love that woman.

    Those planters are the bomb!

    It feels so GOOD to get yard work done, and fresh "mulche" makes the whole place look spiffy. I've GOT to get busy on's looking sort of, um, abandoned.

  5. I love that feeling once I have worked hard in the yard and everything looks so good and pretty!

  6. I LUV that mulchin' get-up! The knee pads send it right over the top. :) Looks like a fun, productive day - the only thing better would be a fun, lazy day. ;)

  7. Becky, your home and neighborhood look so beautiful! What a great hubby ~ doin all that hard work in one day..... I agree with Kristin, great feelin when you work hard and all looks pretty, manicured, and fresh again!

    Cute outfit girl!!!

  8. Luvin' the outfit, girl! Way to be "in the moment"!

    I love those planters, too. I see them around all the time and would love some like them - however, whatever went in them would die, and that would be sad ;o(

    Looks like you had a productive weekend (I know this is late - I'm catching up on some blog reading that I missed a while back)


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