Friday, April 24, 2009

The Prize

I had a million things I could have done today...should have done, but instead I went antiquing with my friend Kristine.

We had so much fun. With map in hand we took off for uncharted territory and found "The Prize" an antiquing event sponsored by one of my favorite stores Hunt and Gather.
(Kristine with scalp tingler thingy in her hair)
(My 5 year old "Little Chick" took this pic)
After oohing and ahing over all kinds of unique old things, we went on to another favorite store Patina, where we found some truly cool stuff. It was a fun Friday indeed.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Ilove shopping period...especially antiquing! Sounds like a wonderful Friday! I was pulling weeds all day, I would have rather been shopping!

  2. Oh! I am so jealous! This is the only type of shopping I enjoy, and when I go with my friends, we have a challenge to see who can get either a.the coolest thing ever or b.the best steal/deal.

    One yard sale, I found an old cookbook with the previous owner's notes throughout...even notes that she'd won a blue ribbon at the county fair with her pickles, only she adapted the recipe "this way". I won both challenges that day!

    Love the metal yard chairs in the first photo!

  3. Does Kristine blog? Your little chick took a great pic!! Looks like a fun day!


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