Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Do it Afraid!

Driving home the other day a man on a motorcycle passed me and he was wearing a bright orange and yellow reflective vest, a helmet and had shiny reflector tape all over the back of his bike. He even used the arm signals. I commented casually to my husband, "Boy that guy is really into safety". It was weird, but as I thought more about this person it became very obvious to me that he was either a very strict rule follower, had been in an accident and was braving the road again or that he was scared to death to be riding a motorcycle. What makes a person do something that they are obviously so afraid of? And is that a good thing or bad??

In life there are plenty of things to be afraid of: death, divorce, aging, poverty, pain etc... When we decide to live life and do it afraid that's when I think we actually start living. If that motorcycle man was facing his fears I commend him. It may not be the smartest thing to do, but at least he was doing something.

Have a great day!

Photo credit: Stumax
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  1. Perfect! Just perfect!

    Hope sunshine hits your heart big today!


  2. Hmmm. Interesting. OK. How about this: I wonder about his age?! I'm guessing there's a good chance he could have been an older guy. I think the older you get, the more you realize life can change in a second. I think, too, you eventually realize you can enjoy the best of both worlds in responsible ways -- ways that protect yourself and even more importantly others. That was a thought-provoking post. I kinda just leaped in, didn't I? Thanks for coming by my blog earlier this month! Hope to hear from you again! Best, -susan

  3. i would have thought he was silly. but you made a good point. you never know why they are doing it. i can be way too quick to judge. thanks!

  4. How funny! I remember one of the times I had to take defensive driving (I used to be a speed demon--YEARS ago), they constantly drove it home that motorcycles are overlooked all the time. People just don't see them even if they're right in front of them. It's amazing how often someone pulls into the next lane, not even noticing a motorcycle was there.

    I have an upcoming post on fear. And through my birth story I focus in on numerous points throughout Biblical scripture where we are told to not be afraid. It's kinda overwhelming because our whole nation is all about fear, emergency, terror, you name it. And so many of our daily decisions are based on fear of what might happen if we don't do it this way. Once you dive into the readings on fear, the way our world operates is eye-opening.

    ~Shaye (Momma Miller)

  5. Becky, what a great post. You are right, you don't know why he was riding with all of that reflector tape on him. My first thought was that he was in an accident before. But, my husband and I have been motorcycle riders and I don't think we would go that route. We would either have just gotten back in the game, or sold the bike. I think this was someone maybe who is fearful and may be riding because of the state of the economy. I had heard many people were riding instead of driving due to the lack of $$$. It is scary enough out there in cars with crazy people speeding, on cell phones, texting etc... causing deadly accidents. You sure got us all thinking about your observation!


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