Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Grandma's Piano

(Finished product)
I've had a dream of painting our piano for years and Monday I did just that. We inherited the piano from Brian's grandma 5 years ago. And it took a room redo for me to finally get to it, but it is OFFICIALLY painted!! I had to disassemble it, sand, prime, add two coats of semi-gloss black paint, and spray paint the knobs and pedals silver but it's done! I am fairly pleased with the results. It's a little gloppy, so I may distress it and add furniture wax to it later.
(The bench seat was really scratched.)
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  1. Very pretty! Love it in black :)
    What a fun project.

  2. looks great! i just painted my piano too :) makes such a difference!

  3. I have a piano that is just like your before picture. I've never thought of painting it before - I didn't know that was allowed!! But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the finished product! I am sooo going to do that someday! THANKS SO MUCH for the idea!!!

  4. That is so awesome!! We were given a piano and it needs some refinishing - maybe I'll just paint it!!

  5. Cuuuuute! If I had an old piano (jealous), I would totally paint it!


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